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Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations regarding the use of River Rock at Odell Church (RRO) buildings and properties refer to: any gathering other than a scheduled church function involving ministries or teams of RRO.

1. RRO buildings and properties may only be used by active members or families of Cornerstone Preschool. In case of weddings, it must be immediate family only. Per Constitution and Bylaws RRO recognizes wedding as between one man and one woman.

2. Applications for use of RRO buildings and properties need to be submitted no later than three months before the event if possible. There is no guarantee that the building will be available for outside events because the ministries of RRO church take precedence when scheduling.

3. The application will be revised by the pastoral staff and building and grounds team. Once the application is approved fees must be paid at least one week prior to the event. The Fee schedule is as follows:

Wedding – $250 (includes $125 cleaning fee)

Wedding (Bride and Groom Members of RRO) – $125

Sanctuary – $125

Education Building – $50

Fellowship Hall – $50

Any waivers will be determined by the Pastoral Staff and the Building and Grounds Team.

4. If the sound system is to be used a sound technician from RRO church must be present and there may be an additional cost.

5. All attendees are expected to conduct themselves with total respect for God and the church. RRO is a non-smoking facility There will be no alcoholic beverages, drugs, fighting, cursing, gambling or any behavior that would bring shame upon God or His people. The church is not responsible for ANY damages done to persons or property.

6. All groups using the church facilities must vacate the buildings and properties by 10:30pm unless otherwise pre-approved by the pastoral staff and building and grounds team. All activities must be concluded one hour prior to any church services.

7. All refreshments, utensils, and supplies (cups, plates, napkins, etc) are the responsibility of the using group. THE CHURCH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPPLYING THESE ITEMS. All food must be eaten in the fellowship hall or outside of the buildings. THERE WILL BE NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE SANCTUARY. All food must be removed from the property promptly after the close of the event. All garbage and refuse should be placed in the garbage container located at the well house. Please leave the kitchen in a clean sanitary and orderly condition. The building must be returned to the condition it was prior to the event. A vacuum cleaner will be provided by the church and the building needs to be returned to it prior condition.

8. The responsible parties must read, sign, and comply with these Rules and Regulations set forth by RRO church. They will also assume responsibility for any damages done to persons and property.

9. The applicant or responsible party must be present at all times while buildings are being occupied.